WHEN we have Covid vaccine to administer, we will post it's arrival here.

AT THAT TIME, we will accept your calls for vaccination appointments.

IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYEE OF MUNSON OR MCLAREN, Covid vaccine will be available to you with your employer prior to our receipt here at Bayside.


·    As you enter the building apply your mask, bandana, or scarf over your nose and mouth.  We already have ours on.

·    If your visit requires a payment, we recommend using our self administered card reader.  All other forms of payment are still accepted.

·    Your Medical Assistant will escort you to your prepared room.

·    Upon exit, both Front Office counters are available to check out.  Be sure to stay 6’ from other patients please.

The State health department is coordinating Covid vaccination distribution.  Because of the limited quantity of vaccination, the health department follows the CDC guidelines in it's phased approach for administration.
The Northwest Michigan Health Department Web page has information on the Vaccination and the Strategy for Distribution.
   Currently, Phase 1A and 1B persons can register using the form:   Covid 19 Vaccination Information Form

Calling our office, health department or the pharmacies directly in search of  vaccination will not progress availability or move an individual up in the Phase distribution.  
Staff at these facilities are unable to schedule, register or share dates for next phase of availability for the vaccine.  
Please keep the phone lines open for health care providers to retain access to each other.

Providers are not able to provide a prescription for vaccination distribution, regardless of health condition or work environment.  All distribution is handled by the health department at this time.

Our office strongly recommends all eligible patients receive the Covid 19 Vaccine as soon as doses are available.  All of our Providers are familiar with the safety and the effectiveness data available for the vaccine and believe it will be the key to bringing this pandemic to a close.
This is a very exciting time and we are happy to see the administration progressing.  Thank you for continuing to follow CDC guidelines throughout this progression for public safety and your best health.

Are you experiencing the signs of heart attack, stroke or sepsis?  
It is safe ~ reach out for

medical emergencies

We do NOT have Covid Vaccine At This Time

We have made a number of schedule adjustments to ensure you receive the medical care you need in the safest possible manner.
At Bayside we plan to keep you safe upon arrival with the following safety measures:

·    When you arrive, your vehicle is our "New Lobby".  Thank you for waiting in your car or outside, while we sanitize your room.  Be sure to have your cell phone with you and turned on.

·    At appointment time, your Medical Assistant will call you and screen you for symptoms of illness.  

Petoskey Strong

Remember to care for yourself.  Don’t delay in seeking necessary medical treatment.

We appreciate all of you who have encouraged and supported Bayside. 

Generous and thoughtful members of this community donated shields, created masks and showered us with notes of gratitude, kindness and cheer. 

We thank you for joining us in supporting Michigan Directives and CDC Guidelines.

Here to Advise You During the Crisis & Beyond


Bayside ~ Making it SAFE to Seek Medical Care


Call Us:  231-439-5100

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For our Established Patients

we have SAME DAY appointment availability Call 231-439-5100

We remain available to our patients throughout this event.  We encourage you to follow CDC Guidelines at this time.

Emergencies ~ Dial 911

For life threatening emergencies Dial 911

Provider On Call


After Office Hours Daily,

Saturday & Sunday

Our provider is paged to your number quickly.  

Monday - Thursday

7:30 AM - 6:00 PM


7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Medication Refill Policy ***
5 Day Processing for
ALL medication refills

We look forward to serving you and your family soon.

What we know:

   Antibody testing for COVID-19 is under ongoing  


   Manufacturers are selling test in some areas. 

   NO tests are "validated" for diagnosis of COVID-19

   We don't know if it means immunity to COVID-19.

   Testing positive to antibodies could mean you

   have had a PAST coronavirus infection or "Cold."

   Hospitals/Research centers continue antibody

   studies to provide us with better data on HOW

   and WHEN to use testing to the population in


   Clinical decisions cannot yet be based on

   antibody testing alone.

   Antibody test results cannot help to determine if 

   you are immune to COVID-19, nor can it help to

   determine if you are able to be out in public

   without concern.

   Once we have better data on antibody testing and

   it's role in patient care we may recommend more

   wide spread testing of the community.